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By Kerker @sparklingker
Check out my new babies from Shopbop! I ordered them last Thursday night and it arrived yesterday morning!!
I'm sorry about the photo quality, I find it really hard to avoid shadows when I'm taking pics, especially these ones.
Shopbop!!! Zipper style earrings!! They look better in real life, this photo does it no justice.Shopbop!!!I saw these at DJs on sale for like $60ish and got it from Shopbop for like $48.. I don't know why our retail stores are so expensive. Shopbop!!!Here's a pic of me wearing both earrings lol B was like "whoa! when did you get a second piercing?" I haven't worn an earring in my second piercing since high school, noticed how my ear is red? It's coz I had to force it in!! It starting to close up.
This morning they had a 20% off code!! Trying to find other stuff I can buy to make good use of the code. So tempted with all their Marc by March Jacobs stuff!
Have you bought from shopbop before? Were you as amazed as I was with their shipping?

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