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By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic


So, when it came down to going through all of my belongings, figuring out which ones to throw out, keep or donate… it wasn’t til I got to my clothes did I really have begin to have problems.

I had so many pieces I had held on to and it was only because they were so beautiful to throw away or donate.
The Lisa Ho dress I got for my twenty-first birthday, still fits, still beautiful even though it was brown (hideous colour) that never really to suited me. I’ve only worn it once while shopping in Paddington with a girlfriend, but for the last seven years it’s just been sitting in a bag.
The beautiful leather jacket my mother had gotten in Milan when I was still in high school. It has leather print trimming and has never gone out of fashion. Needless to say, although it does need to be taken to the dry-cleaner, I am keeping this one.

But there were so many other pieces I had forgotten about: the smallest pair levi’s I wore when I first met Topher. I remember these particular pair because they were ‘distressed’ and had a slash right under the left butt cheek. That, I kept. I’m determined to fit in them again.

The polka dot pin-up dress I bought for $70 that always made me feel sexy. Toss.

The baby blue stripped Nine West heels I bought in 2007 when I was going through a nautical phase. Toss.

The first pair of green flats I ever bought. Just because they were green. Keep.

When I was sorting through it all, I was so over looking at clothes. I think it even put me off shopping altogether for at least six months.
How did I let it get to this stage. Only when I sat and thought about it I realised that not only do I probably suffer a mild case of hoarding, I think I may have separation anxiety when it comes to my clothes.

Although I knew that I’d never wear the Lisa Ho dress ever again, I decided to keep it. Why? Because someone bought it for me on my twenty-first birthday.
The polka dot pin-up dress… I kept because I thought one day it’ll still make me feel sexy.
The baby blue Nine West heels when I was going through my nautical phase… who knows? I would possibly wear it a fancy dress party and I’ll dress up as a sailor.

It had gotten to the point where I just had to say goodbye. I compromised with myself – if I hadn’t worn it in the last twelve months, it had to be given away. No if’s or but’s.

After I had culled 80% of my walk-in closet down to it’s basics I felt a million times better. I now live in an apartment that doesn’t allow the excess clothing so this problem with hoarding clothes and having separation anxiety has – literally – no room for. Besides, I pretty much wear the same things all the time and although I do enjoy following trends, I’m at the stage in my life where comfort comes before en vogue.

Having said that I am OFFICIALLY on a spending ban in 2013. The only time I will spend money is when I’m replacing something that has been emptied, worn down or broken. I really need to get my finances in check this year and I am dedicated more than ever to be debt-free this year. Here’s hoping.

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