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SHOPAHOLIC: Light ‘em Up!

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
SHOPAHOLIC: Light ‘em up!

Lately I have been obsessed with scented candles. When I say “obsessed” – I mean, I’d rather have a nice scented candle burning in my home than eat.

OK. That’s not exactly true, but I have been researching different brands, looking up different scents and even when I see a candle in any store I will go to it, spend a few minutes smelling it and visualise it sitting in my home and see if it would suit my décor or not. (Yeah, not obsessed at all!)

Most of the time it doesn’t. Which is sad because there are beautiful scents out there. My personal preference though, is to have my home smelling floral and girly. Like it’s always Spring time and a woman (ie. me) has just sprayed some sexy perfume on. I have having that presence in my home who very rarely occurs but it’s definitely something I want to work towards.

My all-time favorite scent is the Sweet Pea & Jasmine from Ecoya which surprisingly no other brand makes. It’s a perfect blend of the two together; neither of the scents overpower the other, particularly the Jasmine because on it’s own it’s not so great.
Others I’m loving in the new limited edition Koyto from Glasshouse Fragrances. Also, Bora Bora, Galapagos (another favorite and Jaipur (another limited edition).
I’ve also fallen in love with Cira Home candles, as well as MOZI and Palm Beach Collection.

Recently on a shopping trip through David Jones, I came across a few really nice diffusers. They’re pure fragrance in pretty bottles that come with reeds that soak up the fragrance and release it into the room.
I think they’ll be my next major purchase, considering I’m not buying any makeup or beauty products til I finish a few of them. That and a few vases so I can start having bunches of flowers in my home every week to brighten up the place and really start making it feel like home.

SHOPAHOLIC: Light ‘em up!

What are your favorite scents? Any Glasshouse candle recommendations?

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