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Shoot That Shug : Me as a Model #6

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Almost one month ago, I posted a picture of me on Facebook stating I had my 1st shooting as a model here in Munich. Unfortunately I could not tell you right away about this it because as you already know working and blogging have now become my eternal dilemma.* So let's do it today!

Shoot That Shug : Me as a model #6
Shoot That Shug : Me as a model #6Who?Katharina LoeweWhere?Königsplatz, MunichWanted.Katharina contacted me rather spontaneously specifying she would be in Munich for very few days and that she wanted to shoot me. We exchanged quick messages about the place and didn't have planned any theme. So we picked a day and Katharina decided that we would shoot at Königsplatz. I think she wanted simple pictures since she asked me to come as I am usually so that's what I did! Feeling.Before telling you about the shooting itself I have to tell you about the place Katharina picked because it is one of those locations which I find utterly kitsch and ugly and yet so fascinating. The first time I went to Königsplatz, it was for a picnic and the place surprised me a lot. How come would I have expected to find roman and greek like temples in the middle of modern constructions? And how come would I ever imagined that these antique like buildings were actually housing museums? After some research I learnt that the place was constructed with in mind the Acropolis in Athens. In France we have classicism in architecture which is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture but I don't remember we have places modeled exactly after famous areas. Then I remember visiting the Nymphenburger Schloss (Nymphenburg Palace) which was modeled after the Versailles castle. I think I don't like this kind of architecture because when visiting Munich center I discovered such beautiful art that in my mind, there is no need to merely reproduce monuments already existing in other countries. I just found it and still find it tacky. I'd rather go directly to the places to see the real thing than having a reproduction. But yet the feeling is different and that's what makes Königsplatz interesting: the feeling of surprise you have discovering it. Usually a sensation of surprise would go away after some time but not with Königsplatz. EACH time I am passing its area I still have this feeling of surprise. Plus the location is perfect for shooting pictures!Now speaking about the shooting itself, it was really spontaneous. I haven't posed since a long time. Do you remember my pictures with MarcoTrinchillo? There were my last ones in Italy, that is why I was really curious about how my first shooting in Germany would be. From France to Italy and now in Germany, photographers have a different eye. In my opinion, in every type of art, the place where you are from really influences you. Since I am in Munich, I have noticed that most of the photographers that contacted me really took time to read my profile and meet my expectations (and obviously theirs). I bet Katharina proposed me to do this test together because I put I wanted to do moody and very natural pictures. When I visited her site, I could see through her photos that there always was something really natural and smooth in them. Personality seems to be much more important for german photographers than for French or Italian one, they want to know you, understand you to make the best of the shooting.I chose to show you first this portrait because this picture is really natural, it really is me. When we did our first pictures I was a little bit stiff because I was trying to figure out who I had in front of me and above all what Katharina was expecting from me. Meeting someone for the first time is never easy for me, so imagine when meeting a photographer for the first time! Smiling and laughing is something my friends know me for, so when I start smiling and laughing during a shooting it just means I feel totally at ease, and this picture is a perfect expression of it. By the way don't you think the light in this photo is really good and fits perfectly with my smile?I rarely put a second picture in these type of posts but here I did because I really like this one hence why I wanted to share it with you. As the first one I find it very natural though less spontaneous. I like its dynamic, the impression I have been shot when walking without noticing the photographer. Finally I like the expression on my face, I am slightly smiling but not totally. Discover more of Katharina's work here.*In reality, it shouldn't be a dilemma, the solution of this issue lying in organization. I could give you plenty of reasons that are making my blogging difficult but still, a good blogger shouldn't be like me right now..

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