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2014, Hopefully A LOT Better Thant 2013

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
The 31st of January 2013 is a memorable one for me as I spent it by myself wondering where the heck I'll be sleeping in the following days. I wasn't supposed to spend it alone but a firecracker exploding right in front of my face at the exit of the Hauptbanhof (train station) of Munich convinced me I should go back to the place I was sleeping. In Germany they celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks which I don't mind but firecrackers are something else to me. So I spent the first hours of 2014 being terrified that some other damned firecrackers would burst next to me. But this wasn't enough. Even when inside, the sole sound of them scared the hell out of me bringing me back in Cameroon when my family and I got attacked. I could feel the gun one of the thief put right on my head and I still could hear the sound of their guns shooting on the poor lad that tried to help us. Because these little things meant to celebrate have the same sounds as those damned gunshots...So, for spending my first day of 2014 this way, I deeply hate Germany. Traditions are traditions and when celebrating the New Year, I understand people acting crazy, getting drunk, going out and so on, I mean I would have been really glad to spend this night surrounded by German people and observe how they celebrate but what the heck with the firecrackers at every corner of the streets?! It makes it so unsafe in my opinion. Yeah, German's New Year's Eve way of celebrating is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y not my cup of tea.
So as to a positive and fresh start it wasn't, until I read a message from my dear friend Swati. It is funny how just words whatever the distance and the cultural differences can make you feel better. That's what Swati's message to wish me a Happy New Year did on me.
I am French so don't mind it if my first post of the year starts with a good ranting. After all it's in our DNA to rant about pretty much everything isn't it (you don't know how much I love using all those clichés about my country and its people, it comforts so much after venting out everything :D)?
Despite starting off the year quite dramatically, I must say that 2014 sounds better than 2013 which was full of sad events but really great professionally and as to meeting new people:
  • I now work as a fashion product editor and will be able to stuff myself with the finest asian food as soon as my bank account will be filled. I know there is no correlation between my present job and food, but instead of telling you about all the beautiful or not so beautiful things I see everyday (because luxury doesn't necessarly means good taste), I prefer staying as I am: down to earth and satisfy my most primary desire which as you know is eating.
  • I started again writing on my Tumblr about photography, Shoot That Shug, because I missed all the interactions I had with the people there and it seems like since I came back some pretty amazing photographers and models popped out from nowhere.
  • I finally have a place I can call home after six months, though not perfect, still I have a roof and that is a blessing given that getting a job in Munich is probably easier than finding your own flat.

I am really bad at keeping up with resolutions hence why I didn't make a list, nonetheless I have some things in the back of my mind I would like to accomplish hence why I would like to announce that Incognito will be on standby for some time. Be it 1 or 2 months but I need this period of time to be able to settle things up in my non virtual life to make things work in my virtual one. Once I will be done with this, I promise to write here on Incognito once a week and to be better at communicating with you on Twitter and Facebook.
All this doesn't mean I won't be present virtually so feel free to follow me on Tumblr because it is just impossible for me to stop writing. So if I am not on Incognito I am on Shoot That Shug! You can also write me on Twitter and Facebook, I would be more than glad to communicate with you!
Finally thank you all for following me! It seems like though I am a very irregular blogger some of you still stick around and for this I am really thankful!
Happy New Year to all of you!

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