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Shocker: Lindsay Lohan May Have Stolen More Jewelry

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

There are so many parts to this story it is difficult to know where to start. It involves Lindsay Lohan so you know how it is going to end…but where to begin?

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She recently filmed a part in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management comedy that appears on FX television. Probably to no one’s surprise, the two days she spent on the set apparently were filled with drama. She reportedly routinely showed up late, and many felt it was intentional. There are even reports that Charlie Sheen questioned the decision to have her involved in the comedy. Are you kidding? Charlie Sheen thinks you’re a pain? That’s definitely not “winning!”

When done with the filming, the 26 year old actress traveled to Brazil, and here is where the story gets even a bit more interesting. In Brazil she was photographed wearing what appeared to be jewelry used on the set of Anger Management. Now, in fairness to Lindsay it could have been an oversight, or it could even have been a gift from the show. But if reports are true about her attitude and timeliness, wouldn’t it seem odd that they would gift her with jewelry from the show?

There is no comment from Charlie Sheen or his reps. For her part Lindsay tweeted that she “…had a wonderful time on the set of Anger Management with Charlie Sheen and the entire crew.”

Of course we know that “wonderful time” for Lohan means helping herself to someone else’s jewelry. The drama continues.

What do you think? What should be done with the actress or does the media just make too much of nothing? Let us know your thoughts!

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