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"Shining the Spotlight" Where is Your Inspiration?....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

Shinersssss.....Its week 5 of Shining the Spotlight! This weeks piece is from a young lady that I have gotten to know through Blogger and is pretty awesome. She goes by the name of Kero and her spirit is on fire! So after reading her guest post Skip on over and Shine the Spotlight on her blog!
Here's Kero! 
Where is your Inspiration?Have you ever got inspired from someone in your life? Well, we all are. But where did that inspiration go?“When I was a young I wanted to be like Bill Gates, but then my life took a different course…”Has something like that happened to you? Have you ever heard of such confessions? If yes, the sole reason behind it is that you lost your inspiration. Something seemingly more important popped up in your life and you changed your direction. Make sure you are not the person making this statement.Don’t lose your inspiration. You might not get inspired from just anyone. There has to be something special about them. If your inspiration aligns with your goals you are in the right direction. Think of all the people and things that inspire you, put them together in the form of an inspiration chart. It can be your hardworking grandfather, teacher, Steve Jobs, a mountain climber, or it can be Eiffel Tower (in case you’re hoping to visit Paris). Make sure that your inspirational chart is realistic. A piece from the fictional world won’t work. So you might as well stop thinking about Spiderman (is he still any popular?), Harry Potter, Hogwarts or any fantasy world. You may dream of going far away to another world but you can’t make it realistic. So be realistic while making your inspiration chart.Your inspiration chart must consist of pictures put together in sort of a mosaic. Remember that visuals have more influence on your mind than words. After you are done with your inspiration chart, place it somewhere you get to see it more often. Paste it on the fridge, on the wall near your worktable. Anywhere you get to see it every day. The more frequently you get to see it the more focused you will feel and you’ll be repeatedly reminded of your destination. The less frequently you get to look at it, the less often you are able to recall your inspiration and it’s likely that you will stray from your goals.So, what are you waiting for? Find your inspiration and let you drive your life in the right direction.I hope everyone has enjoyed her post! If you want to get to know her better check her out on Facebook and on Twitter!  Glad to have seen you all again this week! Stay tuned for more! 

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