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Shine the Spotlight....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Hello Shiners….This is one of my most exciting posts that I am having the pleasure of sharing with you all.  Many of you I am getting to know and many of you that are behind the scenes readers, never the less each of you have humbled my heart in some way!
Shine the Spotlight....
This post is about “Shining the Spotlight”.  I want to shine the spotlight on all of you if you would allow me the pleasure.  Let me explain to you what “Shine the Spotlight” is all about.  Shining the Spotlight is about “YOU”. I am not involved in any way….well besides me loving my Shiners and posting their wonderful pieces through my blog to their blog.  Doing this will shine the spotlight on you.  See I want to make this very clear-IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!
I am a 3 ½ year college student and I will be going back to school starting on October, 19th, 2011.  No worries I will still be around to pass on my daily dose of positivity, however, I will not have as much time to write as often as I would like and this saddens me to my core.  I am a Psychology major, and with psychology it entails so much writing that I honestly will not have that much time to write when I want to on what I want to, but I will post here and there.  This is why I want to shine the spotlight on you Shiners.
I have gotten to know so many of you and you guys make me smile so much each day.  I want to show all of my other readers how magnificent you are.
***Here is what I am looking for and some of my wonderful Shiners.***If you would like to be apart of Shine the Spotlight all you have to do is write about something that is positive, funny, inspirational, kindness, NOTHING NEGATIVE, and be family friendly.  I expect for you to be yourself, no word count, I love pictures but not mandatory, so pretty much how you would write on your own blog just in those areas. I am sure that I will love it so RELAXXXX! The next thing you do is sign up with the linky below, write a piece and email it to [email protected].  I will read it over and let you know when I will post you piece.  Each Wednesday I will post a new piece so Wednesdays I will be shining the Spotlight on you! I have a few awesome shiners already but I want to shine on more of you!! Of course it goes without saying that I will link our pages so that other readers can skip on over to your blogs as well. 
So if you would like to be apart of Shine the spotlight all  that is left for you to do is you sign up. Link up is to the right!!
So what do ya say?? Would you allow me to shine the spotlight on you!

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By  Mspositivity
posted on 31 October at 10:28
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Thank you so very much! I appreciate the comment and the love. I do this for all of you! Hope to keep you as one of my Shiners! together be beat the cycle of negativity.

By  Fiafox
posted on 17 October at 17:00
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Great job spreading the positive vibes! Keep it up :)