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By Phoenixwriter @naesnest


Reach down deep within

Find that special place

The place where you keep yourself

Where no else can get in

Pull her to the surface

Allow her to see what you have done

Share with her your success

She will be proud of what you’ve become

I guarantee she will approve

She will say “Way to Go”

She will offer you a hug

Your face begins to glow

Slowly, you begin to smile

Wondering, “Dare I?

Dare I step outside,

To show the world,

How I now shine?”

Spiraling from one world

And into the next

Are they ready to know?

Is easy but complex

I am a spark of light

Within a universe

I nurture my flame

He too, has immersed

A brilliance of light

With unique abilities

He knows who I truly am

We communicate with ease

Together we shine

We have a love for all of humanity

We are gifted and skilled

We enter the world for you to see

We have essence and power

You may have it too

Let the Spirit guide you in

That you may be renewed

Ready to be blessed

And travel the dimensions

From one world and into the next

Without fear or apprehension

by Renee Robinson

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