Outdoors Magazine

Shifting Foliage

By Undercurtain
Sunlight splinters through shifting foliage
casting dappled shade on the forest floor.
Each parcel of light has an originthough only the savant might trace its path.
Across this shimmering carpet she walksleaving image echoes in her wake.
The hare, usually shy, sits up in the grass,ears aloft, listening to her passing.
The crane, eye beaded,stands steady, not flying,
missing not a step she takes.
The dog fox lifts his head,traitor to the thicket,
to catch her scent, sweet and fresh.
Wild flowers, weak and fragile,stretch higher, risking all,
for a glimpse. Just a glimpse.
Resolutely she walks on,dainty feet tracing the path of life.
Forward. Forever forward.

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