Outdoors Magazine

Take A Moment

By Undercurtain
When the ropes go taut
Pulling you back towards
Life's painful times.
When your troubles threaten
To take you out of your depth.
Lift your feet!
Break the surface!
Float away on the moment.
When plans go awryAnd you lose your goals.
If the stress of living
Becomes too much to bear.
Let go of the ropes!
Lift your head!
Take a long breath
In a care-free moment.
If all the strings,Tied tight to your life,
Pull as one,
In every direction.
Disentangle yourself
For the time it takes
To step away,
For that selfish moment.
Then set them aside.Store them away.
To be retrieved
In some future time
When the strains take hold
And all you have
Is that joyous memory
Of some wondrous moment.

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