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She's Not The Girl I Used To Know

By Trebeca04
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know  "She's Not The Girl I used To Know"
This is an experimental piece, recently juried into the Sebastopol Center for The Arts show titled "Marvelous", an international show of Assemblage and Collage.  Over 600 entries from all over the world.  97 pieces were selected, and I must say, I am honored to be in such good company.
About the piece:  She started out as a wooden fruit bowl found at a garage sale.  Immediately I saw a  heart in the shape of the bowl ~ and that was the direction I had planned to go. . . .
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know
When I started working on this piece ~ I used text and images from a Greek art book I found a few years before.  My idea was to embellish the piece as a heart, but soon "It (the piece) seemed to be telling "me" to go in a different direction.  It became a face, instead of a heart. . . .funny how that happens.
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know In 2015, my husband and I spent a month in Spain, visiting several cities. As is my custom, I will often see things laying on the ground, and if they look interesting to me, I pick them up, thinking they will some day be part of an art piece: pebbles, bottle caps, keys, coins, and the like.
For some reason, that summer in Spain, I was attracted to rusty nails, screws, washers, wire and other bits of rusty metals.
I don't often work with 'rusty-things, but these just seemed to work well with this bowl.
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know
I finished the back with a very thin piece of wood, more text from the found book, and wired it for hanging.
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know
What do you think? I think she's quite lovely . . .
She's Not The Girl I Used To Know  Thanks for stopping by.   See you soon.

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