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SHE-HULK #4 Review

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

She-Hulk #4: The Zealous Lawyer.

So let’s dive into this feet first, Jen (She-Hulk) took on Vernard Kristoff (aka Dr. Doom’s son and heir to his kingdom in Latveria) as a client to grant him asylum in the US. She won, but Doom decided to take off the metal gloves and crash the courtroom, kidnapping Vernard.

This issue is probably one of the most anticipated issues of the series. Why? It features the only other superhero lawyer in Marvel U: Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil*). Matt’s experiences explore the balancing of, “able to do more,” and, “should do more,” as Jen decides if she should continue to defend Vernard against Doom.

Art for She-Hulk has always been a treat, from how Jen’s shade of green pops out of every page to the precise balancing of each panel. Pulido’s drawing isn’t liken to most contemporary styles, in a way similar to Hergé’s (The Adventures of Tintin), giving the book a light hearted feel. You can tell Pulido and Vincente had fun balancing Matt’s red color scheme with Jen’s green.

So why should you read this book? One of the big attractors to this book is that Charles Soule was/is a lawyer; he’s writing what he knows and that is bound to create strong narrative. Stack that onto Pulido’s tenure with Daredevil and you have a power house. Most of all, this is a story about a strong character branching out to do her own thing and there’s no safety rail to help her process it. I dig that sort of story, it’s a good take on the character considering we know her mostly as She-Hulk and less so Jennifer Walters, Esq.

*As a special aside, I am a huge Daredevil fan and when I read that they were going to be doing an issue featuring DD I went ballistic. To me, Jen and Matt (as lawyers and superheroes) are two sides of the same coin and Soule does so well to bring that out.

By Charles Soule (Writer), Javier Pulido (Artist), Muntsa Vincente (Colorist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (Letterer)

Reviewed by Alexander Añé

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