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Shattering the Myth….

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Shattering the Myth….


As a voluptuous gal, over the years I’ve heard many stereotypes in regards to being a plus size woman. So I decided to give my viewpoint of some of the most common stereotypes that we have been plagued with. As a teenager, being overweight was not always easy and I did endure my share of Fat jokes, that’s fine and dandy because I’ve ran into people who once made jokes at my expense and now years later they try to holla at your girl. Some of the things I’ve heard are just overall ridiculous and honestly anyone who makes a fat joke in 2011 really needs a class in creativity because most of us laugh at your ass and keep it moving. When you feel the need to crack jokes at someone else’s expense …you’re generally the one with the problem. So here are some things I’ve heard over the years:

We all have poor eating habits – That’s crazy because I happened to love fruits and vegetables, right along with cakes and pies. I do monitor what I eat and how much I eat and so does my friends. We do not sit around scarfing down McDonalds and Fried Chicken all day……only on the weekends! I have seen skinny people with unhealthy eating habits as well…so try again

We don’t exercise – Uh what do you think walking around the mall is and have you ever tried to pick up a King Size Italian Beef from Ricobene’s that takes some serious weight lifting skills! Now personally, I love the Wii Fit and Just Dance and I work out 5 times a week. Now I’m not running any marathons but hell most skinny people aren’t either. You want me to run? Let that pit bull that lives down the street from me get loose….I will show you an Olympic Gold Medal winner!

We are better in bed- Well that one may be true (winks) We do have more cuddle appeal and last I checked a good night of sex burns about 300 calories, which is more exercise!!!!!

We are easy – There’s not much I can say behind this because I’m sure everyone knows that there are skinny hoes too. I don’t know one single person who I would consider easy. Now we may like sex a little bit more but easy…nooooo!

We smell – You must really be crazy, I don’t care who you are and what size you are. If you don’t bathe…you will stink regardless of size, race, creed, national origin, and sexual status. I have been in the presence of people who didn’t smell to hot and I can tell you they were not pleasantly plumped. Hell, I pulled out my bottle of perfume and sprayed.  Everybody has the capability to stink!

We have health issues – Well let’s see on my last check up, my blood pressure was 119/80, I’m not diabetic, my cholesterol is good, my reproductive system is fine, and so are my other vital organs. Most of the people I know are overall pretty healthy but the person who thinks this may have a mental health issue…seek help

Well Why don’t you go on a diet- Damn, I never thought of that, you’re just to smart for me. Dieting works well for some and not so well for others. It depends on the factors surrounding your weight , in my case it was simply a love for chocolate and rib tips. I love and I do mean LOVE chocolate and Dr. Pepper. I cut those things out and started dropping pounds. For others emotional and stress factors may play apart and I do know that stress goes right to your mid section.

The key to everything is how you feel about yourself. When you accept yourself flaws and all the shit people think will not bother you. One thing I do know is this, people will talk about you if you’re fat, people will talk if you’re skinny, people will talk if you’re black, people will talk if you’re white and that goes for straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, a-sexual…you get where I’m going with this..People will always have something to say. Be confident and happy with yourself because the only person you need to please in the end is YOU! If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are, walk your ass away in them 5” stilettos and keep it moving! Once you love and accept yourself trust me others will love you too  :)


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