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Sharing Our Experiences: Totem's IWAC Interview

By Behan Gifford @sailingtotem
Sharing our experiences: Totem's IWAC interviewThe same month that we were in the throes of final preparation to depart from Mexico for the Marquesas, a very cool undertaking called “The Interview with a Cruiser Project” was started up. This brainchild of cruiser Livia (of SV Estrellita 5.10b) began as a way to organize the responses of experienced cruisers to a series of common questions asked by pre-cruisers. She has accumulated dozens of interviews that cover a broad spectrum of approaches to cruising from veterans- some still out there, some finished, all thoughtful.
It's brilliant, really, and is exactly the kind of site I would love to have drawn from during our years before departure- when I had a lot more questions than answers. We've had fun reading it while we had better internet access, and are pretty tickled that she asked us to do an interview, posted this week.
It's interesting to see how different cruisers respond to the same question- a good reminder that we all approach cruising in our own way, and there aren't always "right answers." 
Livia has been on hiatus for a while and isn't adding new material regularly- just a few stragglers like us- but there is a wealth of knowledge to mine in the archives. So if you're thinking about cruising, check it out! And if you're already out there, well, you should still check it out- we can all learn from sharing our experiences with each other.

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