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Share The Road Movement

By Barefootdaves
Share The Road Movement Bayanihan sa Daan
‘Bayanihan’ comes from two beautiful Filipino words: Bayan – community and cooperation; bayani - hero. Bayanihan meaning ‘cooperative heroism.’
It is a movement of the Filipino People, headed by Atty. Antonio Oposa Jr, one of the most well renowned Environmental Lawyer in the Philippines, with the support of the
MMDA, Office of the President, DOTC, DPWH, DENR, DILG, DSWD, DOH,
etc. and Civil Society groups, Clean Air Asia, Philippine Medical Association, Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Partnership for Clean Air, Cycling Organizations and others,
Bayanihan sa Daan’s Mission
1. Clean Air. To improve the air quality of urban centers and to reduce the discharge of climate-disrupting gases , which causes Non-communicable disease (NCD)
2. Public Transportation. To make public transportation safe, reliable, efficient, and convenient
3. Walk and Bike. To give proper spaces for non-motorized transport for people who want to walk or bike and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
What is the Road Sharing principle?
The principle of Bayanihan sa Daan (Road Sharing) is that roads are meant to move people, not motor vehicles. The motor vehicles are equipment that can move people over long distances and must be used in a manner that is safe, efficient, convenient and reliable.
Simply put, it is the just sharing of roads, properly organizing buses, private vehicles and the allocation of bike lanes and wider, more useable pedestrian lanes.
“ Those who have less in wheels should have more in roads”
What is the goal of the Movement?
The Main goal of the movement is for a cleaner more breathable air and to reduce cases of Non – Communicable disease, by educating people to shift to a healthier lifestyle by biking or walking more. Also to fix, current traffic situation, by making public transportation more efficient, easy and reliable for commuters. Doing so should lessen the people’s reliability on private transportation. Concurrently, the movement aims to enable people to have the option to walk or bike, by providing wider sidewalks and bike lanes.

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