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Shanti Yoga

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
I found a new place for yoga, and I'm absolutely, enchantingly, in love with the space, and every person I've met there.  If you live anywhere near the Vancouver, WA area, and are looking for a yoga space where you can feel embraced, nourished, and stretched in mind and body - Shanti is for you.  I have NEVER felt more at home in any yoga center, gym,  or community center, etc. 
Sundari - the owner, and one of the fabulous teachers at Shanti, radiates pure joy and love... she is someone you want to be near, in the hopes that you might just soak up some of her vibrant energy by just being in her presence.  In the two classes I've taken from her so far - she has reminded me of the beauty in compassion for self, and others, in everything we do.
The Shanti Yoga Center is conveniently located downtown, near Esther Short Park.  If you are looking for a yoga center that offers more than just a good stretch, and truly offers yoga as a way of life - then you owe it to yourself to stop by.  You could simply stop by for a cup of tea, explore the offerings, see the space, meet some lovely people, peruse the lovely items for sale, and introduce yourself ~ you will not be sorry you did.
If you know me, and would like to attend a class with me - let me know!  I'd love to introduce you to this precious space.

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