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Seven Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Posted on the 28 December 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98



It is a sweet due to the presence of honey, essential minerals, and high concentration of calories. This syrup is considered as one of the wonder of the world because of its sweetening agent. It is available and black and red, its sweet is made from the sugar sap. Sap is produced from the tree when it is tapered this sap is not so sweet at first but it becomes sweet when it is boiled, boiled sap contains more than 60% of sugar. Before boiling the sap is tasteless, no color and no flavor. Then after boiling some liquid content in it gets evaporate and gives taste, flavor and color to csap. It contains good amounts of oxalates and purines. It contains minerals like manganese and zinc.

Antioxidant Defenses:

It contains trace mineral like manganese it is a cofactor and boosts body energy by uptake of calories. it contains antioxidants which helps in prevention of damage to our body from the free radicals which are producing. These free radicals are harmful to our body and it damage tissues organs and many other parts of the body. it helps in lowering of blood cholesterol levels these bad cholesterols are also known as low density cholesterols, low density cholesterols are harmful to our health. Antioxidants helps in reducing low density cholesterols levels and prevents from many health diseases. It makes thinning of blood vessel and allows proper flow of blood through arteries. If a blood vessels is get collapsed and completely blocked with arteries it leads to reduces supply blood to tissues and organs and may leads to many health problems.

Maintain heart and blood vessels healthy:

Manganese is a cofactor which helps in reducing damage to our body from free radicals where as zinc is essential mineral which maintains our endothelial cells to function properly and maintains its morphology. It prevents from attachment of low density lipoproteins and prevents from atherosclerosis. Accumulation of more low density lipoproteins in a inner lining of a blood vessels and makes blood vessel thick and hard. So that it gets blocked in a blood vessel and maintains blood flow, Such that it supplies good amount of blood to heart and other parts of the body. if people those who are suffering with this problem reduces low density cholesterol levels and maintains healthy and sweet heart.

Enhances immune system:

Presence of zinc and manganese helps in enhancing immune system, it increases white blood cell count in a blood. Normal white blood cells are defense cells it contains macrophages, t lymphocytes, neutrophis and b ymphocytes, All this cells are defensive cells which help in defense function and increases human antibodies against specific antigens and removes from our body. deficiency of zinc leads to reduces immune and decreases the lymphocyte neutrophils and b lymphocytes and other defense cells in our body. it helps in formation of white blood cells in our body and boost our immunity.


Presence of antioxidant helps in reducing specific cancer like prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and stomach cancer. it reduces the malignancy of tumor cells and prevents the spread of tumor cells in a body. cancer manly occurs due to mutations in a gene, it blocks the gene which is undergoing mutations and responsible for a cancer.

Weight loss:

It contains low amount of cholesterols and fats so daily consumption of this syrup maintains average weight of an individual and prevents from weight gain.

Healthy digestive system:

It contains good amounts of fats which helps flushing of digestive system very efficiently and maintains our bowel and digestive system healthy.

Maintains oral mucosa:

Zinc helps in maintaining function of mucosa in intestine and mouth, it maintains integrity of a cells and prevents from mucosal diseases.


Maple syrup is a good and tasty syrup but people those who are suffering with diabetes should not consume this syrup because it contains more than 60% of sugar content.

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