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Set Up Zones On Your Computer Table For Better Accessibility!

By Wooden Street @Woodenstreet1
If your computer table too messy? Does it happen that you can’t find things when you need it in an urgency? Everything is too scattered and there isn’t an exact allotted location on your desk for your essentials, so they keep roaming over the entire area of that table. It is not at all a sign of professionalism, is it? Of course not! I mean no offense, there may be your own reasons behind keeping all your belongings in your sight instead of keeping them in a proper allotted places. But for once try to give all your essentials a permanent place where you can keep them according to your reachability, this will make your work more efficient and convenient, trust me! Every piece of your office furniture should be productive and of eminent use.
Set Up Zones On Your Computer table For Better Accessibility!

A computer table packs and holds a lot of charm as well as practicality into quite a small space. Formula 1 - When you’re sitting at an impressive desk, you can at least project an impression like you’re working hard with dedication, no matter what you are actually doing! We sit on our desks and computer tables for an elongated period of time So should try to work on keeping the place neat and clean for a better productivity.
Divide your desk into three eminent parts that are of 180 ° each from left to right, one after the another, according to the priority and accessibility list :

1.   Repetitive access : The first zone you set on your computer table is of repetitive accessible things. The things that you require in every next moment should be placed in this zone. This zone will start from the closest area, most easy to access. In this zone, you can keep your notebook, your pens, other important stationary, water bottle, phone, etc. This will save your time and your efficiency and makes the pace of your work smoother.
2.   Occasional Access : This zone will be 180 ° after the repetitive access zone. This territory on your table, will hold the essentials that come in your use once or twice a day. You can keep a printer, CPU, your important documents, To do list, and much more things that you have to have their access sometimes in a day.
3.   Seldom Access : This is the last zone. This zone will be far off from your reachability, so you have to place the essentials that are to be taken into use or consideration maybe once or twice in a week. You can identify those things and try to keep them in that zone so that your desk looks presentable and you can easily find out the things when you require them
You also need to ensure that If things that are not coming into use even for a week should not be placed
on your computer table because those can be kept in some cupboard or something so that they can be safe and secure!

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