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Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Hr Success Guide @HRSuccessGuide

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The best way to contact us is to use the contact form available on the right side of this page. Feel free to write to us for anything that is important to you. If you want to send us an attachment, please upload it elsewhere and paste the download URL in the contact form.
We love affiliations. Write to us why you want to adopt or accept us as a member/associate and why you think we are the right choice. We will give you ample reasons to be proud of your selection.
¨Guest Speaker | Panel Member
We sincerely appreciate your considering us for Guest Speaker or being a Panel member. Upon receiving request we will reply back with our profile and soft copy of the talk/presentation (if required). If you find the talk/presentation meets your benchmark and goes well with the theme of the event, we will love to come over and make a presentation. We represent ourselves as employee of the respective companies we work with and we take prior consent from our employer before we confirm our participation as a speaker or panel member. We do expect a written acknowledgement thanking the speaker/panel member after successful execution of the event. We preserve these letters and probably some day will show case them on our blog.
¨Advisory Articles | Book Reviews |Blog Reviews
We write only if the article is attributed to us.
We write for HR, Management, Leadership and related subjects. We sometimes go off the way to write for people either because we like the subject or because it is an opportunity we can’t refuse.
If you are writing to us for Advisory article, yes we are interested and we look forward to writing for you. We write for free and with no obligations. Review our write up and publish it only if it meets your benchmark.
If you want us to read your book and write a review on Amazon or related websites, we might take some time but can surely do it for you. You can send a copy of your book to our address. E-versions can be emailed to us. You can use the contact form and we will happily email you our particulars.
If you want us to visit your blog and write a reviewon some reputed websites, we can do that as well. You can send us the URL of the post on your blog for which you want us to write for you.
¨Career Advice | Career Coaching
Career advice is a free service. You write to us what difficulty you are facing in your career and we reply back with solutions that can help you out. We eagerly attend emails where employees seek our help to resolve real time career issues. As a policy we don’t recommend Career Coaching to those who approach us for Career Advice.
Career Coaching is a paid service and we charge a one time non refundable upfront fee of 5 USD. There are no other charges or hidden cost. If you have complex issues to deal with which require one on one discussion, Career Coaching is an effective solution. But this shouldn’t stop you from writing to us.
Career coaching is a video skype session where you speak and we listen and record your issues/challenges. We discuss your concerns with our peer and get back to you with solutions that can help you out. The charges of 5 USD in no way justify our time and efforts but are simply to ensure you take the session seriously. Most of these sessions are carried out over the weekend and the skype session usually lasts for around 30 minutes. If we identify multiple issues affecting your career, we focus only on the primary issues and not all.
If you are writing to us for career advice or career coaching, all the particulars of your email will be kept strictly confidential. We do reserve the right to use the subject of your matter as a case study and publish it on our blog. In such a case we will refer to you as “Peter Parker” and will use general names for all other purposes. Our case studies don’t discuss people, we deal in purpose.
¨Website Link Exchange
Thank you for considering us for Link Exchange. We appreciate you considered our blog to link your website. We will add your link to our Cronies (Link Exchange) section which is visible on all the pages. If there is any other way we can help out each other, do let us know.
We don't place advertisements on our blog. As a policy we don’t accept free or paid advertisements.
We do acknowledge products related to HR, Management, Leadership and related subjects.
If you want to feature your product on our blog, you can submit a write up to us. We will publish it as a post on our blog and the post will be attributed to you. This is a free service. Write to us if there is anything else we can do for you.
¨Everything ElseFeel free to write to us. Most of our services are free and comes with no obligations.

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