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Seriously, Are These Nights Killing You Or What?

Posted on the 18 June 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Seriously, are these nights killing you or what? THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Jack Arnold was Kevin, Karen and Wayne's Dad FIRST FIVES: Bill McLaughlin, Mike O'Dea, Alex Nagler, Neil Moffatt & Karen Feldman  HONORABLE MENTION: Karen Feldman

Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5 NBA Finals-ABC 7.2/18.9 NBA Countdown-ABC 4.8/12.8 Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 3.6/10.4 America's Got Talent-NBC 2.2/9.9 FIFA Women's World Cup-FOX 1.7/4.6
Tuesday's Cable Top 5 
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .9/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Rizzoli & Isles-TNT .7/4.3
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family .7/1.7
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .6/1.4
Tuesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings  Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 135,000 Tweets  Finding Carter-MTV 36,000 Tweets America's Got Talent-NBC 25,000 Tweets Tonight Show-NBC 11,000 Tweets Jimmy Kimmel-ABC 6,000 Tweets
THE SHOWS Last night was a clean-out-your-DVR kind of night. I watched 2 John Oliver's, Deadliest Catch, Chrisley Knows Best, 2 Orphan Blacks, 2 Finding Carters. I was most obsessed though, with Jon Stewart. Man are we all going to miss him. I watched this clip twice and could probably watch it once a day until the election and maybe even afterwards-and I'm not even into politics. If you haven't seen it, check it out:  http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/gyhfub/democalypse-2016---white-house-don
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
I gotta think Jerry left his interview with Jim Carrey scratching his head going "what the F was that?" The oddest interview to date. When the only thing funny is Jim sitting in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini with his knees in his throat you know you're going to have to do some pretty fancy editing to make this one interesting. You can tell it was tough in the editing room because it seemed like Jerry was the only one eating, but yet, he never took a bite of his food. The plate was there, then it wasn't, then it was then it wasn't. Jim didn't order anything but tea and he brought his own eye drop sweeteners. Jim Carrey's whacked. It's still an episode worth watching, I guess, but damn is he odd. Didn't anyone warn Jerry? I give the guy credit, he stuck with it and got 17 minutes, but there are way more car shots than any other interview before. Good job, Jer. You did what you could. http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/jim-carrey-jim-carrey-we-love-breathing-what-youre-burning-baby 
-As you know, Big Brother, my favorite thing about Summer other than my son's departure, his return and my 2 weeks on Long Beach Island, is 6 days away. We've met the houseguests, but now we are hearing about the transgender houseguest and the "BB Takeover." I'm already transgendered out, but I'm very excited about these surprise guests each week who are going to appear in the game and add a twist. I hope all of the surprise guests are former houseguests like Janelle, Dan, Caleb, Boogie, Jeff & Jordan and the best player of all time, Dr. Will. All I know, is that I already can't wait for the new season to begin. Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
-Okay, finally, the news you've all been waiting for. Joan Rivers replacement on Fashion Police is...her daughter Melissa. Joan would be SO proud. Talk about riding your Mom's coattails. Melissa's been pretty busy. Got that book out (I read it, loved it) and now, back to work literally in her Mom's old chair. Melissa will join Giuliana and Brad Goreski when the show comes back in September for the Emmy Red Carpet coverage. 
-So Brian Williams still has a job at NBC, but nobody knows what it is. We do know what it is not: The NBC Nightly News anchor job. Lestor Holt got to keep that one. Brian's going to be something...just not sure what. Love that announcement. Basically, we're not firing him, but we have no clue what to do with him. Can't wait to see how this plays out. I'd just  have him wander in to all NBC shows. Mosey over to AGT, stroll over to The Voice, sort of like a "Where's Waldo" thing. Just have him in every show and let viewers text in whenever they see him. That could be fun for a while. With all the networks, platforms, and sports that Linda and the team keep talking about, Brian can be the new face of NBC EVERYWHERE! Ya gotta admit, I do come up with some good ones. Thursday's Trivia Question: Carrie Heffernan AND George Costanza...NAME THEIR DADS and the actors REAL name.  WWTM-Kristy Like me on Facebook at Watching Way Too Much Follow me on Twitter at [email protected] http://watchingwaytoomuch.com [email protected]

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