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By Anjanroy @Anjan5Roy

5th MAY -1999:
It’s a blistering hot summer…everything seemed static as if even the shadows have gone for a hiding and a tiring chirpy sweet voice of a rather restless 5 year old Anubha welled up
Anubha: Mamma…Mamma
Anukriti: (Seemed distracted…turned towards Anubha) What happened?
Anubha: Mamma…Ice ceaam…
Anukriti: (Disgruntled…sprained her eyes towards the Ice Cream Vendor) one butter scotch please.
Anukriti took the ice cream and handed it to Anubha... Anubha held the ice cream close to her mouth suddenly saw a girl of about her age in ragged clothes seated on the pavement opposite her, staring at her with pleading eyes. Anubha felt uneasy and went straight to the girl, handed her ice cream to that poor girl and ran back to her mother who was speechless seeing her.
Anubha: Mamma let’s go
Anukriti though didn’t speak anything but certainly wasn’t pleased for something which Anubha couldn’t understand.
Later that day Anukriti told his husband Prakash about their daughter’s behavior…with an abject…I don’t understand Anubha…Today she gave away her ice cream to a beggar…if she wanted to give something she should have asked me…I would have given her 5 rupees but an Ice cream worth of 30 rupees…if she is going to be like this…god knows what she will do when she grows up.

Serenity...!!! Anubha heard this but didn’t know what to say…so she kept mom.

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