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Sequins For Day

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

Sequins For DaySequins For DayI find that again and again I surprise people with candor. And again and again I find that there are not too many people who know what to do with candor, so I was taught severally how foolish I tend to seem when I show my hand. I tried to learn deception, but the brain energy required to remember and keep up with it short-circuits the mental stimulation I enjoy from discovering new things and sharing experiences so I dropped that act in a nanosecond as I shivered from the darkness encroaching my heart and soul. Having seen what deception looks like, both from the deceived and deceiver I've come to have deep respect for open, honest people. Learning the skills required for self-preservation while one struggles to maintain candor is an art; much like the pairing of pailettes and glitter embellishments for day. Overdone and one might come to look like a faux pas. Rightly done and there's no better elegance. Sequins For Day
Sequins For DaySteve Madden shoes / local shop bought shirt and tailor-made skirt / 
Sequins For Day

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