Senior Java Developer

Posted on the 08 August 2022 by Frank Leo

Job Description

A dynamic, creative, and disciplined Java Developer is needed to join our 10-person healthcare data integration startup. The developer will be expected to put into practice special application solutions that our sales team, hospitals, and vendors have requested. This will involve both the creation of new software and the upkeep and improvement of already existing programs.

Technical Architect (Senior Developer) is the current role, with the possibility of adding a junior developer in the future. Therefore, the capacity for autonomous work is essential.

Being able to convert business requirements into application code or logic is one of the main duties of a Java developer. Additionally, the developer will make sure they adhere to the defined business code standards throughout the whole lifespan of the program. The Developer will also be responsible for producing and maintaining any technical documentation needed to make it easier to maintain or improve the program.

Because the application is written in “simple” Java rather than Java EE, Java EE knowledge is not necessary. Strong Java abilities are required, with a focus on understandable and maintainable code. During the interview, a Java and programming-related oral test will be administered.

The presentation layer, which involves actual code, is one of several components that the Developer will own during the application’s development.

Key Responsibilities

  • contributing to every step of the software engineering process, from gathering requirements through designing, creating, testing, and fixing problems.
  • Keep up with new or developing technologies and standards in the field and decide if they apply to the project.
  • Put best practices into action.
  • Join the Technical Architect and Technical Analysts in the design and development of new and current software solutions (Field Team).
  • Direct client-related work – Python development support and implementation tasks (usually with outside vendors or hospital employees). In terms of the Python code and working directly with the client hospitals on their business requirements, some direct client work will be heavy.

Skills & Requirements

  • a computer science or similar subject bachelor’s degree
  • Outstanding bespoke Java application design and implementation expertise of at least 5 years
  • Java expertise, including Swing
  • knowledge of, or readiness to learn: SQL, Jython, XML, and Mercurial
  • strong writing abilities for creating maintainable code and transparent documentation
  • strong interpersonal communication abilities
  • a track record of working cross-functionally with partners, other departments, and IT
  • thorough understanding of how to convert business needs into business solutions
  • capacity for:
  • Under pressure, work
  • uphold strict coding standards
  • Independent work
  • Be persistent in finding solutions to challenging issues. You’ll have a lot of autonomy and responsibility, so problem-solving creativity is essential.
  • Anticipate problems proactively and take appropriate actions to mitigate negative impact

MDI Solutions doesn’t actually create medical software. Instead, we offer technical staff members the tools they need to create, support, and maintain the logical network/data connections across healthcare apps. Your target audience will include IT professionals at hospitals, labs, and large clinics as well as developers in the healthcare sector who want clear explanations of when and why to use the different functionalities in our market-leading software platform. The majority of our clients are technically oriented, ranging from highly skilled programmers eager to create intricate solutions to “business analysts” who want user-friendly software to provide interfaces to other systems.

A multi-threaded, Java-based interface engine is our main offering (communication hub). Java Swing serves as the GUI. Need more information about the product? View the MD Link Overview product description.

We provide a fantastic working environment, a distinctive business culture, a competitive compensation, and a robust benefits package, including RRSP matching, in return for your commitment and hard work.

We presently have our main offices in downtown Toronto, close to Union Station, at King and University.

Joel Test score: 11/12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

Do you use source control? Yes.
Can you make a build in one step? Yes.
Do you make daily builds? Yes.
Do you have a bug database? Yes.
Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Yes.
Do you have an up-to-date schedule? Yes.
Do you have a spec? Yes.
Do programmers have quiet working conditions? Yes.
Do you use the best tools money can buy? Yes.
Do you have testers? Yes.
Do new candidates write code during their interview? Yes.
Do you do hallway usability testing? No.


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:

E-mail: [email protected]

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