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Selling From The Outside

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

Okay, I'm sure spring will be here someday!  As I'm driving around, I'm seeing some grass, then snow, then dirty looking yards and driveways.  If you're thinking of putting your home on the market, it is prime time to improve the look of your home from the outside.  We've all heard about people that drive up to the front of a house on the market and make the decision to keep driving. It's true....most people make a determination about buying your home from the outside first.

So, to improve the look of your home, the general staging rules apply: 

  • View your property from across the street and assess the house with an unemotional eye
  • Have a friend do the same
  • Then make a list of what you see and start working!

You need to make sure the landscaping is neat and trimmed...check those overgrown bushes and plant some flowers.  The yard needs to be completely clean of debris.  And if you have a fence, make sure it's in good shape too.

Also, when I stage in spring/summer, I usually put a nice pot of flowers by the front door.  It really makes a home more inviting.  

Which home would you rather see?



This clean up was not hard to do.  Just a little labor to pull everything up and about $300 worth of product.

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