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Self Storage

By Fiercebuddhist @fiercebuddhist

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When I think of attachment and hoarders I had not thought of the Self Storage market. The other day as I drove by a high rise storage facility it hit me how letting go of “things” is very difficult. After looking deeper I wondered if there might be other factors well. The following quote from Inside Self Storage showed me that the “Self Storage” industry preys on the consumer and perpetuates the consumer mentality.

Positive signs in the U.S. economy could mean improvement in the self-storage sector in 2012. Low interest rates, unemployment and strategic home foreclosures could mean a higher demand for storage space in some areas, and unique opportunities are developing on the investment side of the business.

I have used such places in the past while moving, as a temporary solution, while I finished acquiring housing. But to store items long term shows a level of attachment to “things” that is unhealthy. The business’ developing their plan that preys on people who are already done is, in my opinion, more indicative of underlying attachments and lack of compassion.

The final image I leave you with is this.

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