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Self-respect, Self-discipline, Living Mindfully. Plus, Saying “I’m Sorry” Won’t Make You A Doormat.

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

“Zen is about admitting our own mistakes and taking responsibility for them;
it’s about self-respect, self-discipline, and living mindfully in the present.”
~ an excerpt from “Booyah! Spirit”

Self-respect, Self-discipline, Living Mindfully.  Plus, Saying “I’m Sorry” Won’t Make You A Doormat.

Wow, you know years ago I used to say… “I thought I was wrong once… but turns out I was mistaken”.  It was difficult to admit I made a mistake.  Why, I don’t know.  Maybe it was because I am a very competitive person and I just didn’t want to lose?  One of the hardest things I ever had to learn was how to apologize.  It was a bit like admitting defeat I guess, which is silly because if your wrong — you are wrong… right?  The fact is, people respect you when you admit your mistakes.  I know that when two people are having a disagreement and one admits their own wrong doing… usually there is no further reason to disagree.  In fact, that usually breaks the stalemate and the other person stops and realizes his part in it as well.

And just because you admit a mistake doesn’t clear the path for someone to walk all over you.  You weren’t put on earth to be a door mat.  Respect yourself (your mind and body health) by putting distance between yourself and negative people or situations.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is if I choose to walk away, it doesn’t mean I lose.  It means I’ve won… because I am healthier for it.

Self-discipline takes a lot of practice and requires a clear head.  Meditation will get you there.  There are so many free meditations out there.  You can find them online and even at your local library.  Once you make a little time for yourself to care for your mind — your body will follow.  Suddenly you will find tools from within to conquer issues that you had trouble with.

As for living mindfully, I’ll quote you something from my book:

“A wandering mind is human nature.  Every time your thoughts get off subject, simply return to the present.  Don’t try to not think about the thought, because the more you try not to think of it, the more you are thinking of it!  Instead, just dismiss it and get back to the subject of your focus.  Immerse yourself in things that normally you wouldn’t pay attention to.  Be the conductor of your own orchestra, directing your senses to savor every aspect of your immersion.” (from Booyah! Spirit)

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