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Self Improvement: On Being Positive

By Hreric @myhreric


Self Improvement: On Being Positive
This is the second part of the Self Improvement series which started with What is it all about.

For me, the most important thing one should have if he wants to have self-improvement is to have first and for most “positive thinking.”  Thinking positively means being able to overcome what ever it is that serves as an obstacle to achieving happiness.

Why people would aim for self-improvement is for them to achieve happiness.  Thus, in order to be happy, one should be successful in life.  One should have accomplished his goals in life.

According to Martin Luther, “everything that is done in this world is done by the hopeful.”  People who worked hard, developed and achieved their dreams in life outgrow their negative thoughts.  Even in times when things seem bleak, they still believe that something good will happen.  No matter how dark their days were, they still hope that a tiny spark of light can make their road easy to travel.

In my years of battling my health condition, I had never waned at losing hope.  In fact, I had hoped more as I struggle each day.  I never thought about my condition as something obstructing and something paralyzing. Rather, I took time to develop my inner strength by cultivating the habit of positive thinking.  I always tell myself that at the end of the storm, the sun will shine and that every time it rains, there will always be a rainbow.

My secret of becoming positive is to start my day positively.  Waking up every morning, I take time to say my prayer of thanks; that another day has been added to my life…another fruitful and meaningful day.

Then after that prayer, I look at the mirror and tell myself that I will be okay and I will have a nice day ahead.  The first few minutes of my day starts by conditioning my mind that everything will be alright.  Right, it makes my day right.  Even if, during the course of the day, some unfavorable things happen, it seems everything is right.

Take away all those negative thoughts.  Take them out from your memory and replace them with those happy memories.  Try to think of those times when you were happy, substitute them to those negative thoughts.  And you will feel better.

Life is a matter of choice. You always have the power to choose to be happy.  So, start it now…


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