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Sharpening My Saw: Re-examining Myself

Posted on the 01 February 2014 by Hreric @myhreric
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I had always been good at providing other people how to examine and analyze how they manage to accomplish their work.  This includes determining the factors that attributed to the success or failure of the task and what they could have done better to achieve better results.  I find it with ease to lay before them, layer by layer what went right, what went wrong and how they can do it better.

Lately, as I ponder over the things that I had done for others, I found myself wondering how I did manage to accomplish mine.  And I had difficulty.  A bit embarrassed of my inability to lay open before me what went right, what went wrong and how could I have done better the things I had accomplished.  How easy it was for me to do it with others was ironically difficult to do it with mine.

I stared blankly in the open window as I worked mentally trying to recall the things I accomplished and how I manage to do it.  It took me quite some time to move my thoughts into thinking.  I felt that I had lost my sharp memory because it took me some time to think.  I was about to think that my age could have contributed to it.  I was justifying.


There it goes.  I wasn’t sharp enough to remember or recall because I was too pre-occupied to think instantly.  I was anxious to know immediately.

To answer my question, it came to me that what we had accomplished and how we accomplished it stems from how we manage our self.  How we master to enhance, develop and make our own self grow.

Then I recalled in one of the concepts discussed in the Leadership training I just recently had with Benchmark Consulting – sharpening the saw. How sharp is my saw right now?  I had doubts.  Because I had difficulty examining my own accomplishments.

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Is it really a human nature to find it difficult examining ourselves as compared to examining with ease that of others?  I am sure, a lot of other people are into my situation.  Even Counselors who are good at counseling others find difficulty counseling ones self.  Now I am more convinced I should sharpen my saw again.

How I would do that, I should begin with re-examining my self again.  I had been busy with so many things, hearing people out, talking to them that I had forgotten to hear and talk to myself.  I had been so pre-occupied to enrich my knowledge and experience of the outside world that I failed to enrich, at some point my personal life.  Or maybe I had failed to keep in touch with my own.

And so the journey to re-examine myself begins now and I shall share with you how I manage to go over again mastering my own self.



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