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Seems We've Piled up Some Grouchies!

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Seems we've piled up some Grouchies!
Seems we've piled up some Grouchies!
Thursday, February 28, 2013 @ 7:48 AM
Good morning.  You might have guessed we were a little concerned where we were with our new house in comparison to where the hospital is that Rich’s mother frequents so often.  The above picture is a look at the front door of the hospital, and the map shows at location “A” where the hospital is, “B” where our place is going to be, and “C” where Rich’s mother lives.  Yup yup.  Rich made another trip out there last night.  He got a call about 1:30 AM from the emergency phone number place.  They were sending an ambulance out and then Rich waited to talk to Bud, and after 10-15 minutes he called and stated that they had taken her to the hospital, and from there Rich was on his way out.  Again, from our old place HERE it takes about an hour to get out there.  BUT, the good thing is that when we do get out there AND closing is tomorrow – it is less than eight miles from Rich’s mothers to the hospital – 15 minutes and we are directly in-between her and the hospital, so that Rich can be out there when needed and he can do it quickly.  I think it will be a great comfort to all to have him so close. 
The only thing I worry about is that something could happen to his mother before she really gets a chance to appreciate the kind of care Rich will be giving her.  The most optimistic outlook is that she will settle down a bit more and perhaps not drink as much because she will feel more security of having family around, especially Rich.  I really hope we are some help in helping her calm down and have a better day to day quality of life experience, just because she will have someone close by to visit or be visited by that will give her a chance to talk and decompress.  I’m under no illusions that that will stop her from drinking, but we really are hoping to improve the quality of her life. 
I think of late we’ve been focusing on her visiting us, but as well, we have to start thinking of us visiting her.  I think it will be good for both of us to get out, but we are thinking she’s going to think it very inconvenient to be smoking only in our sunroom. I’m afraid that it will be the same for Rich’s brother and his family.  Mark and his two daughters Crystal and Brandy smoke and I think that some of Rich’s step siblings do as well.  It wouldn’t be fair though to make us live in a smoky house, and I would most importantly worry about falling back into the habit of needing to light up.  Nothing is worth that risk.  It’s not economical or health conscious.  I really have appreciated not smoking for the last seven years, and it was my understanding that it took 7 years of not-smoking for our lungs to return to their prestine pink selves.  I would be pleased to have that confirmed.  AHHH the Internet!  Hmm, one nice fact is that 5-15 years after we quit smoking our risk of stroke is reduced to that of a non-smoker.  But, it will take up to 15 years for the risk of coronary heart disease to return back to that of a non-smoker.  Best we keep on that path.  Hmm, that didn’t pan out and when we multiplied “pack-years” which was the packs per day times years smoked – we were close to a 50 pack-year and that seemed to be the cut-off toward some things never being fully returned to health.
BUT THEN, somewhere in the looking through information, Rich had to wake-up so we gave him a medium message and then poured him some coffee.  He had wanted to sleep until 8 AM.  We were having a nice enough conversation, but then he got argumentative with something easy to prove, but he kept yelling his points which weren’t logical.  That tells me he’s working on less sleep then we might want to be thinking of.  The argument was whether both couch sections will fit in the living room, and we had thought it through carefully and knew that the one couch into the room would be there by 9 feet.  Rich kept trying to say 6 feet and I couldn’t even get him to concede there were 6 – 3 foot sections.  It’s a simple matter of counting.  The way the couch was designed going from E to W and then south you have the right arm lounge, then the two-seater section with no arms, and then you have the fourth section which is a corner with backs at 90 degree angles so down the E-W there are four sections, but the fourth section pivots and two more sections are added at that 90 from the rest of the couch thus extending into the room.  This is another two seat section, but this time there is a left-arm. 
Basically then the couch is 12 feet wide (E-W), and 9 feet long (N-S) – it’s the odd number of 12 because the corner piece counts both directions.  So anyway if the 9 feet extends into the middle of a 15 foot wall, AND there’s needed about 3 feet for bar stools, then the LAST 3 feet have to be for the walkway.  BUT, Rich says there’s enough for all that AND his rocker, but it is WRONG!  However if you just put in the three couch – 9 feet along the E-W wall, then you skip about a section worth of where a couch might be, and then at the 6 foot mark you put Rich’s rocker, then you can get 3’ for his chair, 3’ for a walk-through AND 3’ for bar stools.  It also means that where there is enough room from the corner of the couch, skip three feet to the chair – as space in the “skip-space” for a light and or a small table for Rich’s chair.  ALSO you don’t cut up the room as much from the desk area that will be in back of Rich’s rocker, and there is only 9 foot of couch and not 3 so the distance between desk and couch/chairs is not so tight.  Rich’s point was there is no other place for that section of the couch.  Mine is that … there is room for it in the sunroom, but then he complained the couch would be ruined there, but we think he was using that as a bad supporting argument.  The other people keep real furniture out there and there is no problem with it.  It’s more a 3 season room, but it’s enclosed so there is buffering it from elements other than cold.  HMPF.
After Rich got out of the shower, we wanted him to at least affirm the 9’ couch which was measured, but he conceded to nothing just saying he had to go, but that left me feeling lousy like I have to carry the argument until he gets around to figuring it out.  I suppose the best thing to do would be to think this is HIS problem and not mine … he can connect the Legos for himself – just that he would have to move the couch back to the sunroom himself if he had to have it tested out instead of testing the numbers.  BLAH!  Stubborness … It just RUNS in his family.  It was like his stating that his mother while still drunk last night was argumentative the whole time she was in the hospital until she was put in her bed.  She was blaming other people for causing her to drink, thus fall.  It is just her own fault though.  AND, it would be MY fault if I let Rich’s argumenativeness get in the way of how I behaved toward the day as well.  Just doesn’t need to be there.  I think Bud does a lot of baiting Rich’s mom to be always argumentative, but it’s a game they both play.  My goal is to TALK with Rich, just when he sets in on wrong facts it is very frustrating getting him to see reality and that’s hard for someone like me who does her own fine job mixing reality with absurdity.  BUT 9 feet of furniture is always going to measure 9 FOOT!  BLAH!
Suppose then it is time to move on … That argument is done for now.  I can also say I will plan to have the couch in the sunroom, and Rich will have to figure out it is the only location it can go, unless he wanted to give up his exercise bike in HIS room.  BUT, I don’t see that as happening or the best move for the couch.  It will be nice in the sunroom.  The sunroom will also have two new kitchen chairs unless Rich wants to add one more to the LR in the corner between the pass through and our bedroom.  That’s plausible, The other one will go out to sunroom, UNLESS Rich wants to trade a bar stool in the bedroom for a comfy kitchen chair.  Actually, I can see that happening.  WHICH would mean that the sunroom would have a couch AND a barstool, plus 3 old kitchen chairs MAYBE.  One of the chairs of four has broken and needs to be glued or thrown out, and there is a possibility of two of those chairs going to the Breezeway.  If two chairs left, then there would only be the couch, the barstool, and one or two old kitchen chairs in the sunroom.  I WOULD THEN, think that could basically lead to space enough for the table tennis table.  Now that I’m thinking of it though, Rich is still in the thought that we should have lawn furniture out in the sunroom with a table.  Obviously, at this point I’m going to vote the other way, but this argument isn’t ready to be resolved yet.  It might need some measuring first.  I know the table tennis table is 9’ x 5’.  The couch would be 9’ x 45” (3 ¾ feet).  That means the couch and the table would directly sit across from each other so people can watch while the others play Say the couch is 4 foot, plus 3 foot walking, plus 5 feet width of table, the room would at least have to be 12 feet wide.  We won’t know until tomorrow if it makes it.  Also the room has to be at least 15’ long … because there is a double door at one side leading to the kitchen so that be the 9 feet plus 6’ … and if there was going to be full room for use of the southern door to the sunroom, you would need an access of another 3’ so now the room has to be at least 18 x 12 foot.  I think that is very probable, but we would still need to concern ourselves with the other seating and a place for Rich’s Mom and brother to sit on hard chairs to smoke preferably at a table.  YEEKS!  Maybe best wait at this point until we can measure the room tomorrow after closing.  Right?
Yeeks.  This is what Mayo Clinic says…
Will an air purifier eliminate cigarette smoke?I'm thinking about buying an air purifier. Do any of them work on cigarette smoke?Answerfrom Richard D. Hurt, M.D.If you're considering buying an air purifier, you have a multitude of choices. But if you want an air purifier that will eliminate cigarette smoke, you're out of luck. Most air purifiers, also called air cleaners, are not designed to remove gaseous pollutants, which are a major component of cigarette smoke.Mechanical air filters, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, and electronic air cleaners, such as ionizers, target particles, but tobacco smoke particles are designed to be small enough to be inhaled into the outer reaches of the lungs and, thus, are not trapped by such devices.Other air cleaners generate ozone, which is actually a lung irritant. At levels that don't exceed public health standards, ozone has little ability to remove air contaminants such as cigarette smoke.The best way to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke is to not allow smoking in your home. If you smoke, this is another good reason to stop.Shoot, the Government EPA guide to air cleaners in the home aren’t saying that air cleaners either built into the air ducts or moveable are really going to work for smoking contamination – especially odors.  Maybe this is something that is going to need be discussed with Dr. Marvin today.  I really am at a loss how to compensate having smokers in our world.  I don’t want to have a mobile home that smells like Rich’s mother’s … It’s just disgusting.  *whimper*
Hmm, a little on the worried grouchy side now.  I think we’re going to need putting this aside too like the argument with Rich on couches.  Shoot, shoot.  Why do people have to smoke!??

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