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Secret to the Flight by Plane, That Travelers Have No Idea

By Poundtravel
Secret to the flight by plane, that travelers have no idea

flight by plane

Although the flight by plane has become quite common for everyone, yet well-kept secrets. Whether protecting luggage, safety pilots or the best day to buy tickets, they were all contained in the Flight Attendant confidences.

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Every profession has its own secret, and airline employees are no exception. However, some of them gladly accepted to share some details of the issues that they are never travelers. made the list of most interesting secrets that flight attendants do not reveal passengers: Locks do not protect luggage theft Attaching a zipper lock on travel bag is useless, because it can be easily parted with a pen or pencil. Moreover, this method can damage the zipper while.

Not all minor defects are repaired immediately

Do not imagine that someone assumes responsibility for an aircraft taking off if not in a state that can ensure a safe flight. However, minor defects that do not affect safety, are allowed to produce when no flight delays.

The reason there near the doors of the plane handles

The handles are designed airplane flight attendants, in case of panic on board. When preparing an emergency exit, panic people can make sudden gestures that could lead to slipping plane flight attendants.

The captain and co-pilot are fed differently

If one of the two poisoned, being unable to fly the aircraft will be replaced by the other. However, the method does not apply to all airlines.

Why are passengers asked to switch off the phone

It is quite unlikely that a telephone to cause a malfunction of the plane, which is just a myth. But surely, mobile phone use can disrupt radio signal system, preventing pilots to hear important information from the dispatcher.

The toilet door can be opened easily from the outside

There is always a special switch on the door, hidden under the sign denoting the toilet. This does not infringe on the privacy of passengers, being necessary to avoid breaking the door if someone feels bad inside.

The best day to buy tickets

On Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturday tickets are cheaper than usual.

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