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Secret Santa & Amazing Race - Team Building Exercise

By Kerker @sparklingker
Yesterday at work we had our team day as well as our secret santa! Our team activity was the amazing race. We had to run around Melbourne trying to find clues to get to our final destination.. man it was exhausting, all this running around just proves how unfit I am. I was sweating like a maniac!! We were doing it for 2hrs and I felt like giving up, i dunno how those guys on tv do it lol
One of the extra point activities we did was to find a place on Bourke St and sing Jingle Bells and try to get 5 randoms to sing along as well.. lol We were lucky, we approach 5 kids who were willing to sing along and we also had to get a stranger to film it for proof. This one was tough as I am not the type of person who likes public speaking and here I am singing in public!! On a positive note, our team came second out of 10 teams!!
When we got to our final destination (on Southbank) and we did our secret santa! The present I received was a moisteriser & hand wash set, must admit I am lucky with KK. Most of the time I seem to receive pretty good presents. This set is really handy to have around in the bathroom and will be definitely used. Big thank you to you my lovely secret santa!
Secret Santa & Amazing Race - Team building exercise

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