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Secret Paradise

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Secret Paradise

Secret Paradise

I have a secret I would like to share

If you will listen, Just pull up a chair:

There is a Secret Paradise

A place so divine. A land like no other

There is no measure of time

I met someone named Christ

He is The Light

He filled my room with warmth

And glorious sunlight

He said it was too soon

For me to go away

But wanted me to know

I would live there someday

Cancer is not welcome

You never hear his name

This place is magnificent

Has no sorrow or pain

Cancer was cast out

Many years ago

Along with his brothers

For causing sorrow

Pain was cast down too

Along with all his friends

No place for them in Paradise

Nor any kind of sin

I will continue to fight

I do not surrender

Though I am happy to know

My Spirit will live forever

This is a Secret Paradise

Which I like to share

For one day I wish

We will all be there

Renee Robinson

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