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Second Week on okCupid

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
OK, after I added all the privacy settings, it's been quite boring, with not much to tell.
I did chit-chat with one guy and eventually we swapped numbers, so far he's only sent text messages, no invitation to go out even though he lives about a mile away from me. And I probably put him off when last week in the middle of the workday he texts just to say Hi, after a few texts he asks:
Him: So whatcha wearing?
Me: That's so cheesy! I'm wearing work clothes.
Him: Yeah, I like to be cheesy. That's not very descriptive.
I waited 5 minutes and texted: Sorry, I'm busy, ttyl
Doubt he'll contact me back. I checked this with several girl-friends and they all agree, when I guy asks that, it's normally the start of some kind of virtual sex (phone, text or chat). Not that I mind it, if this was my boyfriend, of course I would lie and tell him I'm wearing something sexy even if I'm in my over-sized flannel pajamas. But for someone I don't even know in person, no way I'll go there. It's the same as my rule of not answering a text or call after 10 PM, if a guy contacts me at that hour, I know there is only one thing on his mind and sometimes I rather watch TV and play Angry Birds.
Anyway, I did have one date though last Sunday. With a guy that's 78% match, 79% friend, 15% enemy. I don't think there was chemistry there, but I do think we will remain as friends or more like contacts for events. We had great a great conversation and the time just flew by. He's not looking for a girlfriend, since he's about to start a job where he will be traveling a lot and in my case having a boyfriend still scares me a little. But can't complain, I finally went to a restaurant and I didn't pay!
And remember the guy I talked about last week? That he was in okCupid, then was at Lestat's with a date? Well, I'm thinking the date didn't go too well, since I saw him last week just browsing profiles for hours. Still I think mine didn't come up. It would have been funny if he sent me a message and I could walk over and answer the message in person.
I'm thinking my lack of messages has to do with my profile and luckily Wired magazine just published an article called "Why Optimus Prime is Still Single" showing how to improve the okCupid profile. So I think I'll follow that advice and maybe relax the restrictions so at least I can have something funny to tell.

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