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Search for Wholeness…..

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

dearhumanHow do you know when you are finally whole within yourself?


You are whole already.. You see this message with two eyes.. you may or may not hear, you may or may not have both of your hands, you may or may not have legs to walk.. what you do have is a complete soul.. It experiences everything vibrationally.


It doesn’t seek you to find out why your mind says you are not whole, or that you are half.. Yet the greater intelligence in you makes sure that you are breathing, you are feeling, you are able to create motion.. If you have these abilities and still seek to say you are not whole, are you paying attention to the motions you do in all things to include have a thought process that says I am blocked or half?


It is as though you have half, and the other half that is whole is smiling at you. Not because it believes that you are less, but because you are MORE… never less, never half, never blocked, only beating the heart that beats inside you. If you wish to tap into the wholeness you are, clear your mind and listen to all the aliveness you produce in this moment.


You see it isn’t about when.. as when is always now.. if you are waiting for a future time.. that future time will always be now.. Since the moment of birth that same continuous moment is still upon you. Not a place where the mind makes it something else… If you were not whole.. feel this.. 144,000 times in 24 hours… do you know what that number is? That is the average times a human adult heart beats in a day.. How significant is this to you to see the wholeness in it. During those beats you mind could be causing stress, laughter, hugs, kisses, pain, etc… Yet you are rich with this every day.. and every day it does this with knowing that your whole.


When you think you are less this doesn’t change in that number it may do less or more.. but it doesn’t stop.. One day it will.. yet the wholeness in you will always be whole and the miracle in you will only see your wholeness!

Love deeply Now.. for it is all you ever have.. whether it be with your whole heart that is always whole.. never seek to say otherwise… You are as vast as any universe and that is yet to be discovered.. Again you are never less! YOU ARE ALWAYS WHOLE!

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