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Scuba Diving in Crete at the Daios Cove, Crete

By Latitude34 @Lat34Travel

Scuba Diving in Crete at the Daios Cove, Crete.

As an island steeped in a history that has spanned thousands of years, the island of Crete, Greece, also possesses the added benefit of some very fine underwater diving indeed. With many shipwrecks in its waters as well as natural wildlife, the island provides divers of all experience levels the opportunity to partake in:

-   wall diving,

-   deep diving,

-   night diving,

-   cavern diving

-   reef diving

in its crystal clear, azure colored waters. Scuba diving in Crete, although great at any time of the year, is probably best during the Spring and Autumn months, when the weather is balmy and warm and the island is relatively quiet. With that said however, as diving is still relatively undeveloped, divers, on the whole, will have a lot of the sites completely to themselves.

Diving Highligths

Due to its sheer size, the island offers divers countless diving sites featuring striking rock formations, steep walls, different caves as well as of course, the opportunity to see the local marine life, thereby offering a variety of experiences for all types of divers. With an incredible variety of sites all around the island, some of the highlights include: the wreck of a Messerschmitt German ME109m which is located west of Agia Pelagia, at a depth of 24 metres, or the large El Greco cave which extends back past stalagmites and stalactites to end up in an air chamber.

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Luxury Experience in Daios Cove

As part of the luxury experiences it offers its guests, the Daios Cove luxury Resort and Villas provides a unique scuba diving experience that combines luxury holidays and scuba lessons in Crete where the exclusivity of the luxurious resort is combined with state of the art diving facilities giving guests the opportunity to live a luxury experience through the Daios Cove exclusive scuba diving experience and lessons. Located on a golden sandy in Agios Nikolaos, on the island of Crete, the Daios Cove offers some of the island’s most adventurous scuba diving expeditions to its discerning guests through its extremely experienced staff and expertly executed lessons and excursions to some of the island’s best sites. Along with a large variety of other water sports that are available at the Daios Cove’s private beach, this luxury resort promises the most pleasurable summer holidays in Greece whereby guests can immerse themselves and their senses in the beauty of the sea. Group and private excursions can be arranged with an experienced team consisting of one instructor as well as two dive masters to ensure for absolute safety whilst guests explore Greece’s wealth of marine life and underwater sites.

Green Scuba Diving

In keeping with the property’s respectful outlook towards the environment, the diving team endevours to interfere with local marine life and the island’s historical sites as little as possible, through following Green scuba diving principles. As many of Greece’s archaeological treasures lie underwater, since 2003 when the entire 12,000 miles of its coastline were opened to divers, lootings of antiquities have unfortunately boomed. With the thousands of shipwrecks that date from Classical, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and early modern times, priceless cargoes of coins, weapons and gold have been looted by treasure hunters as well as sculptures, jewelry, armor, vases, in addition to a variety of personal items reflecting life in the region in ancient times such as to oil lamps and even medical supplies. Needless to say, that Greece’s rich heritage, through these practices, is being chipped away at, thus calling for more responsible diving ethics all around.

Crete, with its azure, crystal clear waters and scuba diving infrastructure, provides some of the most comprehensive scuba diving facilities in Greece. With a stay at the Daios Cove, Crete, scuba diving and luxury are combined to make for the perfect summer vacation.

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