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Scotland 2012: Day 8: 5040 Page Views

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
After having a great walk up to the woods with dog i decided to write a blog post for the day and i got a great suprise as i read that i hit 5040 page views...
I was going to be making a video for my 5000 page view as i thought it would be in a week or so but i dont have one ready just yet... so i have a plan to make something better and release it once i get to 5500 page views or so.
My blog has grown from a small idea to something that is a major part of my life now and the blog is going to carry on until i cant blog any more... i want to expand this blog soon and start a project that will open up a large opertunity for my readers and followers to get more invloved in blogging.
A current project i am working on will be released to the world once i have finished filming and editing so i will post more information soon. 
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

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