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Scotland 2012: Day 7: The Landscape

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
The hillsides roll in to the distance for miles around as the mist and fog descends on the peak that over looks the house...
The rain clouds gather in the far distance as the trees sit calm after the wind lashed round the garden yesterday. The weather has been mixed as we have had several rainbows and the weather gets stuck in the valley were i am staying... 
The Scottish landscape is ever changing and has a great sense of atmosphere and theatre, the area i am in is full of rolling hills and small villages that can be effect by snow and ice throughout the year and the magic of the area is the surrounding hills that act like a natural defence from some of the more damaging weather.
I will hopefully be visiting Loch Ness on friday so should get some good photos and videos...
I am going to walk the dog in an hour or so and hopefully venture to the local Tall Tree Forrest and get a few photos that i hope to share with you tomorrow.
Comment bellow if i should post a few pictures of the dog..
thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

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