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Scotland 2012: Day 1

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
I am on a working holiday near Inverness in Scotland at the moment and doing some work on a few projects at the moment so i am working in a remote location several miles away from Inverness to clear my head and get some work done...
I have a few plans to get some photography done over the next few weeks, plus i have all the photos and videos of summer in the city to sort out so that's going to be done in the next few days and hopefully upload them if i get a good internet connection.
I spent nearly 8 hours traveling from home to get here and i loved the journey up here as i passed through lots scenic countryside and saw lots of amazing coastline from the train window...
I am going to post a link to a great website for water color pictures of Scotland in the next few days. A family member that i am staying with up here is a talented artist who has created some great water color paintings that he sells and i would highly recomend everyone check out his website.
Thanks for reading and supporting my blog...

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