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  • Finish the Flower Card

    Finish Flower Card

    Here’s a quick project that can make a very pretty spring card. I found some public domain photos, and printed just half of my favorite symmetrical flower. Read more

    The 30 March 2013 by   Kathybarbro
  • Luis Alberto Urrea’s the Hummingbird’s Daughter and Queen of America

    Luis Alberto Urrea’s Hummingbird’s Daughter Queen America

    I first read the short fiction of Luis Alberto Urrea in graduate school. The discovery of a prolific Latino author whose work moves so adeptly from English to... Read more

    The 04 March 2013 by   Jjaramillo
  • Cafe Tempera Painting

    Cafe Tempera Painting

    I’ve started an after school painting class, which is off to a great start. I can’t believe that I didn’t learn about tempera cake paints until earlier this... Read more

    The 26 March 2013 by   Kathybarbro
  • Regulating Sugars in Soft Drinks

    Regulating Sugars Soft Drinks

    In a press release issued yesterday, HealthDay News reported that a leading consumer advocacy group, along with nutrition experts and health agencies from a... Read more

    The 14 March 2013 by   Jean Campbell
  • Easter Card

    Easter Card

    Here’s an idea for a pretty Easter Card. Grid formats are fun to play with so feel free to make your own variation of this drawing.1. I started by folding a... Read more

    The 30 March 2013 by   Kathybarbro
  • Quick Review: Orwell’s Down and out in Paris and London

    Quick Review: Orwell’s Down Paris London

    Drafting and revising semi-orphaned novel project but had some time to finish reading Orwell’s memoir/nonfiction/autobiographical novel about a young writer’s... Read more

    The 17 March 2013 by   Jjaramillo
  • Birth Control: How Did We Get Here? Movie Review!

    Birth Control: Here? Movie Review!

    Like guitar strings breaking one by one, the adoption and proliferation of birth control has damaged the once strong chord of the family. Watching the movie... Read more

    The 26 March 2013 by   Upatdawn
  • I Scrapped!


    It felt so good to be able to scrap again! I didn't get to print photos for my Project Life due to the limited time factor and of course Ms Katelynn can't live... Read more

    The 25 March 2013 by   Jcchris
  • Homeschooling / Life With a Toddler

    Homeschooling Life With Toddler

    Tea Time We have tea parties with our geography lessons. She knows her southern states and can identify North America on a world map. Read more

    The 28 March 2013 by   Akklemm
  • Hotel Chocolat Mother's Day Gifts

    Hotel Chocolat Mother's Gifts

    It is Mother's Day next Sunday here in the UK and the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat has sent me a beautiful product from their Mother's Day Gift range. Read more

    The 05 March 2013 by   Smilinglikesunshine