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It's ALL About ME March!

By Upatdawn @lisakeva
It's ALL about ME March!
Me!  Me! Me!
That's right, it's ALL about ME.
I'm taking the month of March to put my basic needs ahead of everyone else.
Let me explain ...
In the past, I've allowed:
- My quiet time with the Lord to be interrupted and then forgotten.
- Exercising to be put off until the evening....and ya'll know how THAT goes!  I'm too tired to do it by then.
- Preparing healthy foods for my kids and then just grabbing "whatever" for myself.
- Running at light speed until I collapse.
So.  What would life be like if I valued myself the way God does?  What if I made my needs just as important as everyone else?
It's ALL about ME March!
That means:
- Not allowing non-emergencies to interrupt quiet time.
-Exercising FIRST thing instead of as a last thought.
-Preparing for my own specific nutritional needs before preparing the household meals.
-Being purposeful in rest.
If I put me first, what will my life look like and how will it affect my family?
I can't answer that right now, but, I'll soon find out!
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