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Schizophrenic Playboys by The Cranberries.

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Melodicwisdom

I’ve probably said this before but one of the things I love about Dolores O’Riordan is her use of metaphors in lyrics. She literally says anything she wants but she makes it classy. The example can be seen in the title of this song alone. She uses “playboy” and there’s so many other words that could describe the man she’s talking about. But she fine tunes everything for a general audience. The older listeners can put together her lyrical puzzles while the kiddies remain oblivious to the real meaning behind the song. I admire her for that talent.

Schizophrenic Playboys is from The Cranberries 2012 album, Roses, their first album in ten years. It was released February 24th in Ireland and on February 27th worldwide.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard their songs from the new album on the radio. I know they’ve released a few singles, though mostly in the UK. Surprisingly enough, today’s song hasn’t been selected as a single yet. I really think it should be. I also think it would be a big hit in the United States.

Let’s hope for a future release…

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