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Scarlett Rambles - Apologises & Failings

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
Scarlett Rambles - apologises & failings
I just want to start by apologising for not posting for over a week. You probably haven't notice at all that I've been quiet on the blog and twitter front, but I still want to apologize none the less.
Last week I got given quiet a lot of over time on the work front, which is good, money wise, but not blogging wise. I doubt that next week I'll be posting much as I'm working everyday from Christmas eve eve to new years eve, except Christmas day obviously. When I haven't been working I've been spending every waking minute holed up in my mum's car with my boyfriend learning to drive.
I told people I was taking my test, some I told the date others I didn't. On Saturday I tweeted a bit of a desperate tweet, and many of you wished my luck, but I'm pretty sure you didn't know why. In spite of these well wishes, I failed my driving test. On one thing. I done ONE thing wrong in the whole test, and failed. Many people told me that I shouldn't worry, that it shows that my quality of driving in really good. To be honest, I find it more gutting that I didn't do anything else wrong. If I made a few mistakes, at least I could come away and say, I need to work on this, this and this. But I couldn't. I just made a stupid mistake of misreading a sign and stopping, when in fact, it was my right of way.
I cried uncontrollably in the drivers seat, with a man I didn't know sitting in the passengers' seat, that determined from a 40 minute drive and one mistake that I was incapable of possessing a full license, and on the other side crouching next to me, my driving instructor, who is possibly the nicest person I know but can't handle natural emotions such as crying. 
Unfortunately I took the test in my mum's car which meant I had to make the drive home, with tears stinging my eyes while he tried to console me, saying I needed to put in for it again right away, but I don't have a spare £115 to hand to pay for the test. That drive home was the worst of my life, I knew my dad and boyfriend were waiting at home for me, and now had to reply to all those "good luck, let me know how you get on xx" text messages. I was a little dramatic and just replied "failed" to everyone.
To be honest, I felt like giving up. I had put in countless hours of driving, reversing, parking and manoeuvres, and still I failed. I got in the car last night for a short drive to the shop, and I realised I like the feeling of being behind the wheel, the freedom it can bring and the places it can allow you to visit and experience, and I so desperately want that. 
So I've decided its time to get back in the driving seat, blog wise as well as car wise.

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