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Scared To Tell Anyone Im Depressed

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

depression 300x201 Scared To Tell Anyone Im Depressed

Q; Over the last 10 years since I was 14, I’ve been struggling with severe depression. I have been on several medications, having counselling, CBT, taken time off and traveled overseas to hope I could leave it behind. Nothing works.

My problem is that nobody has any idea that this has been going on and at the moment I’m at a kind of crisis point where I’m likely to be admitted to hospital for safety

My family don’t know anything is wrong, since they refused to allow me to get help after an overdose age 17, I’m scared to tell them.
But I may have no choice

What should I do? Tell them and face the stigma and outrage on top of trying to stay out of hospital or try to keep pretending until the inevitable happens and try to deal with the admission and thousands of questions then?

I don’t know what I should do and in the meantime I’m trying to do a masters degree too but struggling to keep head above water there too…

Just wish it could all go away.


A; As you have had to learn the hard way depression never just goes away. My first worry is that you are struggling alone and afraid to speak out for fear of being rejected by your family but this is something you are going to have to do. I understand that’s its easier said than done, maybe you could write them a letter explaining how you feel and asking them for their support if you do not feel strong enough for a face to face conversation. Maybe show them this blog post?

Your safety and happiness have to come first and if your own family are not willing to support you, then I wonder why you are so frightened of their reaction? If they can not be there for you at a time in your life when you desperately need them to be, do they deserve to be in a part of your life?

Depression can not be fought alone, I see you have tried antidepressants and counselling in the past and I have to advise that you go straight back to your family GP and be truthful about the way you are feeling. Do not mask over the pain and struggled, its time to start fighting back and to do that you  need support not only from your family, but from professionals.

I wish you the very best of luck and you have my email, so can contact me again if I can offer any support at all, I am there to listen.

Please speak out and stay strong, I believe in you and know by sending this question into the blog, you accept that you need support, so go out there and demand it.



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 Scared To Tell Anyone Im Depressed

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