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Scarecrow Drawing

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Scarecrow Drawing The goal of this drawing was to make a nice composition that had good contrast in color. In other words, a light figure should be in front of a dark background, or a dark figure in front of a light one. 1. I walked the students through drawing the scarecrow, beginning with a round head and hat. The body was added below, attached to a pole. Corn stalks were drawn with hills and clouds in the background. 2. When the pencil drawing was complete, all the lines were traced with a permanent black marker. 3. The drawings were colored in with markers. I’m trying out a new brand, unscented Mr. Sketch which I like so far. I’m only finding that paper really sucks up the color, so I may try a coated paper to see if the color goes on a little more evenly.

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