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Scandal, Survivor, Goldbergs, Black-ish & Nashville

Posted on the 29 April 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
April 28 2016

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you that reached out to check on me yesterday. Your concern and well wishes really meant a lot to me.  

Trivia Answer: Oliver Hudson, Goldie Hawn's son starred in Rules of Engagement and Nashville

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Brett Blattman, Caryn Vitolo, Karen Feldman & Dani Jackel

Honorable Mention:Jim Carter

THE NUMBERS Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 1.9/9.9
Chicago Med-NBC 1.8/8.9
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.7/8.2
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC 1.3/4.6
The Flash-CW 1.3/3.3 
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.3/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/2.0
NBA Playoffs-TNT .7/1.7
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .7/2.2 
Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
The Voice-NBC 425,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 34,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 29,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD-ABC 27,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 20,000 Tweets  

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Empire-FOX 3.7/9.8
Survivor-CBS 2.1/9.3
The Middle-ABC 1.6/6.6
The Goldbergs-ABC 1.6/6.8
Black-ish-ABC 1.5/5.0
Wednesday's Cable Top 5
NBA-TNT 1.6/3.6
NBA-TNT 1.3/3.1
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Catfish-MTV .6/1.0 
Wednesday's Social Media Top 5
Empire-FOX 128,000 Tweets
Catfish-MTV 40,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 35,000 Tweets
Supernatural-CW 35,000 Tweets
Underground-WGN 30,000 Tweets 
Morning Show Ratings for the Week of 4/18/16-4/22/16
Today Show 1.5/1.7
GMA 1.4/1.6
CBS This AM .9/1.1  
Scandal's insane. I don't even know if I think it's awesome or ridiculous anymore. Olivia and Abby are both out of their minds. This week we were back to the election and everyone's big goal was to get to Florida on time for dinner with Governor, Annie Potts. Susan Ross arrived on time, and so did Hollis Doyle but Olivia and Abby got in to a plane pissing match. Pretty sure it was Olivia who eventually won. She pulled her Fitz-is-still-in-love-with-me-and-will-do-whatever-I-say card and had himdeliver Mellie and an in-person apology for her tardiness to the Governor. After allllll their efforts and after David Rosen made a dirty deal, Susan got the Governor's endorsement but Hollis (aka, Trump) got Florida. Everyone took their eyes off the ball.  While alllll that was going on, Cy and Michael were scheming to get Vargas's cuter bro out. Cy's eye was off the ball too though. He got Cute Vargas out but he also pissed Michael off now hisBenjamin Button daughter's gone. The kid aged 4 years in one season! After her crazy day, Olivia had to endure HST. Huck Stare Therapy. Gotta give the guy credit, the stare worked. Olivia cracked and broke down in his arms. No idea if she'll find a shrink or just miraculously get her mojo back next week, but we'll take any breakthrough we can get at this point even if it's HST

SurvivorHow many times do you think Jeff Probst has said "Come on in guys?" My son and I have it down at this point. We should do a DubSmash or something. I got mad at Jeff for a moment Wednesday night during the immunity challenge. I know if it was me trying to memorize symbols and numbers and Jeff was blabbering on and on and on I'd freak out, turn around and scream at him. Michelle's ability to memorize all the symbols in one shot was pretty impressive. I can barely remember my name these days. All the Tai blindside talk was making me crazy. He's the only guy I like at this point. As much as I love him and want him to win, I do love good game play. Tai didn't play his idol and I was screaming like a lunatic thinking my cute little dude was leaving but it was Julia went home and it was Michelle who shed tears over it. Have you ever noticed that when Aubrey's hair's pulled back and the lighting is just right AND you can't see her body, she looks like a guy? There are moments when I say "Wait...who's that?" and I think it's a guy but it's Aubrey? She's gonna be pissed when she watches the show back. Helpful hint for Tai: It's "Cross my T's and Dot my I's" 
The Goldbergs
The Goldberg's did a behind the scenes, we all have fun and love each other so much, bloopers show. I liked meeting the prop master and costume person who are responsible for all the 80's stuff. They have pretty cool jobs. My husband had to point out that they do not have an authentic 80's version of Rock-um-Sock-um Robots and should fix that problem immediately. 
Dre and everyone at the office were freaking out about layoffs while Rainbow and the kids were freaking out prepping for the no theme, gift basket fundraiser. I gotta admit I liked the puns and funny titles of all the baskets. I should have written some down. The stupid basket names helped distract me from Rainbow's hideous white dress, horrible hair and the fact that she waves with just one finger. Who does that? Dre gave a shout out to the pre-Bill Cosby date raping days and reminded us all how much we loved Cliff and Claire and the Huxtable kids. The Huxtable kids would have never stolen all the gift cards out of the baskets, though. Grandma Huxtable would have never given them such a stupid idea. The best part of this episode was that instead of laying off Dre or any of his fun co-workers, guess who came back? CHARLIE!!!! I guess the show missed him as much as I did! Pretty sure his mid-season replacement or pilot or whatever he left to do didn't go anywhere. Nice to have a Plan "B" isn't it Welcome Back Charlie! 
This Maddie storyline is KILLING ME. I can't take it. I hate Cash and want her and her off-the-wagon father to hit the road. Teddy made a surprise guest appearance. Apparently he's unable to get a haircut in prison. He told Maddie the truth about everything and she freaked out and left. She did show up to sing with Daphne and we all thought everything was good again, but after their song, she Maddie split and Daphne lost it in the wings. The show had to go on for Rayna. Brutal. Why is it that TV elevators ALWAYS get stuck when the couple with sexual tension are on them? Anyone of you guys know anyone who's ever gotten stuck on an elevator with a person they're dying to sleep with? The second Scarlett & Gunnar got on that elevator, I KNEW it was going to get stuck, they'd be in there the entire episode and they'd end up back together. I, of course, was 100% right. Luke got Will a gig with Robin Roberts on GMA. Hopefully that helps get his music played on country radio does anyone need country radio anymore? Can't we all just go on to YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, or any of the other music destination sights? Were the Nashville writers calling out country radio stations for not playing gay country artist music? Are there any OUT gay country artists we need to know about? If there, let me know and I'll off this blog to them. I've always thought Kenny Chesney was gay and that the Will/Layla storyline was based on Kenny and Renee Zellwegger, but that could be in my delusional mind. Cadence is pretty much her Dad's own c*ckblocker. Everytime Avery's about to get some action the baby starts crying. EVERY TIME! It's enough Avery/Juliette/Layla/Cadence drama already. Pick one and move on. 

OMG...I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Alec Baldwin's going revive Match Game for 10 episodes this Summer. Remember Match Game? It's coming back on Sunday nights in June on ABC. I hope it's not on at the same exact time as Big Brother that would suck. NOTHING on all Summer and my luck they'll put these two right against each other. Interesting career move for Alec but I'm guessing he'll work a week, make a mil or so and be done. Still time to sit next to Kelly if he wants. 

-Another movie star going to TV...Drew Barrymore. She's apparently going to narrate a dating show called First Dates for NBC. I've read her book, she's had quite a few first dates, so she probably knows what she's talking about, and now that she's single again, maybe she'll also go on one, that wouldn't that be good TV?    
-Comcast has soooooo much money to spend that they decided to buy Dreamworks Animation . Sort of weird becuase Comcast owns Universal Pictures which has a pretty major animation group already. I didn't get it at first, but then I was reminded that Disney has Pixer AND Walt Disney Animation, so I shrugged my shoulders and said if thats what Comcast wants to do with their money ...okay. I'm sure they'll do just fine. 
- I was a huge fan of the original Wet Hot American Summer movie and then last Summer we were blessed with the prequel series and now, the Netflix gods and Ted Sarandos have greenlit Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later. 8 :30 minute episodes will be comin our way some time in 2017 and I can't wait. If you haven't seen the movie or the series, you really need to add that to the To Do List. It's a great Memorial Day Weekend idea. 
- Sooooo happy with Bravo's list of renewals Wednesday. 14 of its current series are coming back. Real Housewives of the OC, my fave 90210'ers and the women of Atlanta will all be back. Manzo'd with Children getting another season. Those kids can't STILL be living at home at this point can they? Albie's like 30! Jeff & Jenny from Flipping Out are coming back, Below Deck, Don't Be Tardy, Married to Medicine Atlanta, Ladies of London, Million Dollar Listing and Vanderpump Rules.
-CBS renewed their entire Daytime lineup on Wednesday. Seriously between all the renewals in Primetime and now all of the renewals in Daytime, what actually keeps Les up at night these days? I'm hoping just Julie in her birthday suit. It's good to be Les Moonves. 
-Hairspray Live added Martin Short and Derek Hough to the cast, but if you recall, once they announced Harvey Fierstein was reprising his role as Edna I opted out of this one.
-Kelly's return on Tuesday drew HUGE ratings (as I predicted.) The show jumped 62% week over week vs. last Tuesday and compared to Monday's show it was up 38%
Tuesday's show delivered a 4.7 household rating vs a 3.4 on Monday  and 2.9 vs last Tuesday. Drama and scandal are always good for ratings  
-I'm hoping that the LIVE folks can just pull the LIVE WITH KELLY stuff out of storage and not have to spend a ton of dough starting from scratch. Michael leaves on Friday, May 13th and on Monday the 16th LIVE WITH KELLY is back. New sign, new mugs, new everything.  
-Not a TV thing but just a pretty cool stat I feel like sharing: Everyone's freaking out about Apple's poor earnings announcement the other day, but Apple currently as 233 BILLION bucks in the bank. With that much money, they could buy Uber, Tesla, Twitter, Airbnb, Netflix and Yahoo and still have $18 billion left.  
Thursday's Trivia Question: WIth the Alec Baldwin Match Game news, of course I have to ask...Who was the ORIGINAL host of Match Game?


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