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Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid

By Rossyana @chiswequenn
Helloo everyone..  Not like another post, I won't talk about beauty today.. ;)
I will introduce you my little kid.. My naughty kid lol
She is a shy girl, so please be nice to her..! haha..
Enjoy this post ^^

Hi peoples..My name is Chibi.. mmm.. I'm a shy girl.. I do not like to be captured and I always hate when my mommy bring camera x_xI'm 4 years old, or 28 years old in doggy life..In doggy life, I'm older than my mommy >.<Funny, isn't it? :DI have one older sister, her name is Sweety..Do you want to meet with her? maybe my mom will post about her too one day :D 
I'm not an expensive breed dog.. I'm mix breed, golden retriever with pomeranian..
golden, chibi, cute dog, beautyfoodlife.blogspot.comSay Hi! to My Lovely KidI loooooooooovvveeeee my mommy so much ! I always sleep with my mommy and my older sister every nights.. when my mommy have a free time, she asked me to walking around with my lovely pappy in the morning >.<But, my mommy being so busy lately..Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid
golden, chibi, cute dog,
Am I cute enough? >.< So, enjoy my photos, peoples.. ~
Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid
golden, chibi, cute dog,
golden, chibi, cute dog, beautyfoodlife.blogspot.comokay.. that's all my newest photos.. >.<Say Hi! to My Lovely KidHope you love me too, like my mommy who loves me so much Thank you peoples..Have a nice day..wooff wooff.. It's time for me to sleep..
Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid
Byeeeee... Say Hi! to My Lovely Kid

Love, Chibi

Good night my lovely Chibi 

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