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Sawadee Krub Krabi! (Exploring Southern Thailand, Part 1)

By Hendra @tukangminggat

It was approximately 09.00 AM after a long and boring queue in Krabi International Airport Immigration border. I got out of the airport and took shuttle bus to town.

Krabi province is located on the west coast of Southern Thailand, particularly in the south of Thailand’s Andaman seaboard. Beside Aonang as the highlight of the province, Krabi town, as I read, is also a recommended place to spend a night or two.

The shuttle bus dropped me at a the office, before letting me to take a free taxi to the hostel where I stayed for one night. It took less than five minutes to get to the hostel which was located at the heart of the town.


The town was a tranquil at that morning. Less cars were passing by and it seemed like the daily activity hadn’t really yet begun. While waiting for the crowd getting awaken, I had a few hours resting in the bedroom. However, as I woke up at noon and got out walking around, the crowd wasn’t still that clamorous. Ok, first thought was, the rush level of that town might not be really high as in other towns.

I walked to the town icon which was–luckily–located not really far from the hostel, a giant statue of crab with a beautiful scenery of two hills and Krabi river as its backdrop. Again, less cars were passing by. Pedestrian were also rarely seen. Good to know that the city wasn’t that touristy, so I could enjoy the chilling moment with my self solely.

When first I saw the statue, I was sort of wondering that Krabi name might have something to do with the crab as its symbol. But when I read some source, it said that Krabi originally derives from local language which means ancient sword. So I asked my self again whether it was coincidence or whether it was on purpose to choose crab as the town icon based on its phonetical similarity with the town name. No idea…


We could see behind the statue, there are two famous limestones called Khao Khanab Nam. These hills become the symbol of Krabi which could be reached by boat from Chao Fa pier. As I read, we could find impressive clusters of stalagmite and stalagtite inside the cave of the limestones. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to pay a visit.

Well, guys, enjoy the city tour…


Chao Fah Pier, usually there are night market which sells souvenir and local snacks in the evening


Enjoying some art shops


The main street which didn’t seem really rush


White Buddhist temple or Wat Kaew.

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