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Savory Oats Pancake

By Treatntrick
Savory Oats Pancake Recipe @

It is close to lunch hour but I have no idea what to cook today.  Since  quite some time we did not have pancake  so why not prepare this healthy and fiber rich  Savory Oats Pancake. 

This is inspired by Oat Cheela where it uses besan (chickpeas flour) but replaced it with whole wheat flour and added an egg to the batter. Also no blending of oats required as soaking them for 15 minutes is sufficient.

Initially my batter was quite thick, added little bit more water.  It should be easy to spread, thickness  similar to condensed milk and not watery.  For smooth pancake, you need to  chop the veggies very fine. 

Apply some oil on my pan for frying the first pancake but need not use oil for the rest of the batter.

Savory Oats Pancake best served hot immediately after you have fried them.  My kids love them with ketchup.  If serving small kids omit the green and chili powder.

Savory Oats Pancake Recipe @

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