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Savory Flower Bread Recipe

By Treatntrick
Savory Flower Bread Recipe @
This Savory Flower Bread is soft, tender and tasty.  It was made with a basic sweet bread.
From the basic  bread dough, it is shaped just like a flower after proofing.  You may want to make your preferred filling either sweet or savory,
I stuffed mine with egg bhurji  (spicy scrambled eggs) and divided into 2.  That means each portion has 8 petals.   Turns into one big loaf that has 16 petals using  10 in pie plate or cake tin. Place 4 in the center, the rest around the tin.
Savory Flower Bread  goes well with egg bhurji, completed it within a day! ,
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Savory Flower Bread Recipe @
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